TOURNAMENT #239279 - Rory McIlroy PGA Tour XBox1
Because it is only a 2 person tournament if the players want to agree to change anything they may as long as the agreement can be verified by us in the event of a dispute.

Game Mode: Turn Based

Course: TPC Sawgrass

Course Settings

Course Conditions: Average
Time of Day: Noon
Tees: Black
Pin Select: Monday
Wind Speed: 3-5 MPH
Wind Direction: North

Gameplay Settings

Style: Tour
Putt Read: Off
Wind Gust: on
Zoom to Aim: On
Green Grid: On
Lie Effect: Advanced
Swing Difficulty: Normal
Swing Mechanic: Advanced
Power Boost: Off
Spin Control: Off
Shot Shaping: On
Aiming Arc: Off

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