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Posted on 8th Jul 2016
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GamerSaloon CVC Playoffs

On Tuesday, July 12th, Season 2 of the GamerSaloon online Crew vs. Crew (CVC) league will come to a finish, with the playoffs for the four remaining teams being featured on Twitch. As a member of this league (I am known as spotmeplzzz), I can assure you that the competition is as good as it gets. Before I get into the playoff matchups, I would like to give a shout-out to GamerSaloon for running an awesome league, and the players for committing their time, effort, and skillset to bring the best product available for the audience. For those of you that don’t know, the winning team gets a prize of $1,500 ($500/player). Now, let’s get into the matchups:

TBE (Serious Moe, Hollywood, Spotmeplzz) vs. Stick Talk (Primetime, Skimbo, Schemin)

Serious Moe vs. Primetime

The name “Serioaus Moe” clearly sticks out in this league and the entire Madden community. Moe is one of the best Madden players of all time and the hands down best, most accomplished player over the past few years. He has won countless underground tournaments, and took home the Draft Champions crown in the EA Sports event ($20,000 prize) held earlier in the year. Moe loves to establish the run game and always plays lights out on defense (trust me, I know from experience). His opponent Primetime, is no slouch. I have seen streams of Primetime throwing absolute dots everywhere across the field. If Primetime is able to slow Moe’s run game down and execute a few of his deep bombs, he absolutely has a chance to knock off the most recognized player in this entire league.

Hollywood vs. Skimbo

Both of these individuals have dominated the online competitive scene since they emerged the past couple of years. Skimbo has a very impressive list of accomplishments, including a few underground 1st place finishes, and runner up in the Draft Champions final match, falling to Serious Moe in overtime (still took home a nice $10,000 prize). Skimbo primarily stays in one offense the entire game, Gun Bunch. Although this may sound like a weakness, the man seriously has dots for every coverage you can think of. As for Hollywood, nobody looks forward to playing this guy. He has one of the best defensive minds in the game, and if anyone can put Skimbo in a box, it’s Hollywood. These two guys recently battled it out in the finals of the GamerSaloon Classic, which was a 32-man online tournament that took place July 5. Hollywood in fact put Skimbo in a box this particular game, taking home a $500 prize with a convincing 21-0 win. That being said, Skimbo has an excellent offensive mind and he will for sure have some dots up his sleeve this go-around.

Spotmeplzzz vs. Schemin

I (spotmeplzz) have been playing Madden competitively for several years; however, this year really took off for me, as I traveled to Vegas to play in GamerSaloon’s tournament and LA to play in the Madden Championship. With a 2nd place finish in Vegas and a top 8 finish in the Madden Championship, I now have some experience to build on. Similar to Skimbo, I mostly stay in one formation the entire game, Bunch TE, and I run the Dollar defense. Schemin is a very accomplished player as well, with high placement also in Vegas. Schemin also received an invite to the Madden Championship, where he had 3 very competitive games in pool play that could have went either way. Bam is a very unique player, in that he runs several different formations in a single game. It is very difficult to get a feel for what Bam is trying to do, so I am sure him and I will have an entertaining game to watch. We have played multiple times this year, and it is always an absolute dogfight.

As a side note, 5 out of the 6 players in the first CVC matchup made it to the Madden Championship in LA, so each player is very familiar with one another.

PITT (Steel, Lockdown, and Swizzy) vs. EMB (Joke, Musafa, and Drag)

Steel vs. Joke

To me, this is one of the most intriguing matchups of the playoffs. Joke is consistently one of the best players in the game (countless tourneys won both on-and-off line), as is Steel. Joke brings a very analytical approach to the game, while Steel prides himself on playing fast and aggressive. I expect Joke to run the Saints playbook, with a heavy dose of the run. Steel will try to turn up the heat with his nickel strong defense, bringing an unlimited amount of edge heat. On offense, Steel loves the split close formation, with a great mix of the run and pass. I anticipate a very close game here, with someone forcing a big turnover toward the end of the game to seal the deal.

Lockdown vs. Musafa

Similar to Steel and Joke, both of these players are top-notch year in and year out. Lockdown made a name for himself with the Saints Power O and brutal stiff arm a few years back, but he has continued to evolve into a very complete player. Being one of the most experienced guys in the group, Lockdown will for sure bring his A-game. As for Musafa, I’m not as familiar with his Madden career accomplishments, but I do know this – the guy can dominate a game. I know this from personal experience this year, as he flooded me during the online Salary Cap qualifiers. With the Steel and Joke game possibly going either way, both Lockdown and Musafa will have a lot of pressure to perform in this matchup. I expect another nail biter here.

Swizzy vs. Drag

If you go to an underground tournament with a decent prize pool, you will most likely see both Swizzy and Drag competing at a high level. Both of these players have been playing competitive Madden for years, and both have more than enough experience to be considered elite. Swizzy always has a very effective offense, and uses multiple hot routes and audibles to put himself in the best situation possible. Swizzy’s offensive approach will be a lot for Drag to handle, but Drag has stepped up to the plate numerous times before. The last time I saw Drag, his favorite offensive formation was gun bunch and yes, he loves throwing drags. But do not let his name fool you, he has dots short, medium, and long. That being said, Swizzy is known for cooking up some heat on defense, which will make for another great matchup for the first round of these playoffs.

If you’re a fan of Madden, and love seeing the best of the best play for bragging rights and a nice cash prize, I recommend tuning in to Tuesday night’s stream. I appreciate you all taking the time to read this. Let’s get these playoffs started!

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