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Posted on 10th Jun 2016
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The Madden NFL 16 Championship is upon us! The 16 best players on the planet are ready to compete for their share of $50,000 in cash prizes. The eight competitors below qualified for the Madden NFL 16 Championship by being finalists during the Season 3 Salary Cap Ranked (beta) tournament.

Below you will find additional information about each competitor and what makes them tick as a competitive MaddenNFL player.

Name: Taylor Robertson
Nickname: Spotmeplzzz
Hometown: Ballard, WV
Favorite NFL Team: Titans
Favorite play in Madden: Bunch TE - Tight End Corner. This play can beat all coverages with the right hot routes.
How I got started: Played ranked madden when I was younger. Began playing for money as I got older. Favorite Part of competing: The "chess match" between me and my opponent.

Name: Brett Pizzuto
Nickname: Youbuggin
Hometown: Hobart, IN
Favorite NFL Team: Indianapolis Colts
Favorite play in Madden: Tight doubles-slot corner. It's a versatile play, I like to motion the corner route out which needs to be usered to defend effectively. If that's getting boxed I'll flat route the tightend giving me a make shift screen with the Rb coming out of the backfield on a wheel. It's a quick hitting play that can attack both sides of the field.
How I got started: Madden is really the only game I've played consistently throughout the years. Left the ranked game scene about 4 years ago and started playing in more tournaments/cash games on gamersaloon which is where the top tier players are playing.
Favorite Part of competing: Getting to play against the highest level of competition.


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