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FIFA 12 360 March 26*

8 Spots

1st Place:$24.50
2nd Place: $5.50

Other Prizes:

$5.50 entry fee

(make sure it's available in your GamerSaloon Account or you won't be eligible)


Use the form below to enter.

Once all spots are filled, brackets will be created randomly and posted on the site.


Once a round begins you are required to return to your "My Saloon" page and post the times you are available to play for the current round This must be done within the first 24 hours of the round. Failure to do so results in a forfeit. If one of your selected times match your opponents, the match will be scheduled for that time and you will be informed via internal messaging and e-mail. All tournament times are based on US Central Time.

If the participants try but can not establish a set time to play the match those players will need to contact each other and attempt to play on their own time. If the match is not played by the time the deadline passes whichever player made themselves more available to play when filling out their times will be moved on.

If you and your opponent are available to play prior to the set time you can both click Play Now and play the match immediately. If you both click Play now there is no longer a scheduled match time, there is no 45 minute rule, and if the game is unplayed when we go to advance the tournament on because of time restrictions the player who made themselves more available to play will be advanced.

Once a time is set to play, you will need to log on to, check in, and be ready to play no later then 45 minutes after the time set to play. If you do not check and are not ready to play within 45 minutes of the set time, you will forfeit.

If neither player posts times they can be available to play within the first 24 hours of the round being posted both users will forfeit.

At any point that you are your opponent are ready to play you will want to send them a message with your online gamer tag or persona and establish a place to meet online to play the match. Upon completion of the match report your results under Current Matches on the My Saloon page.

We expect everyone to play STRAIGHT. We only want to hear about disputes of a match if you have indisputable evidence, either video clips or screenshots. In the event of a disconnection, you are to start a new game, keeping the same score, and playing out whatever remaining time you had left. If you fail to make yourself available to play your match within the designated time, you will forfeit and your opponent will advance. IF YOU HAVE AN ILLEGITIMATE DISPUTE OR REPORT A FALSE OUTCOME YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED FROM PARTICIPATING IN FUTURE TOURNAMENTS.

You must play your game under the gamertag or persona associated with your account. If you have not already done so please add a gamertag or persona to your profile.

Cancellations are allowed up to the point at which there is 1 open spot remaining which is indicated on the tournament board under the "Tournaments" tab. Cancellation is subject to a 10% cancellation fee. Within 48 hours of the tournament start cancellations are not accepted and are treated as a "no show" forfeit.

For general site rules please read this page.

For a walkthrough of how a tournament works read this page.

Unless specifically noted all tournaments are 1 v. 1 play.

Additional Rules & Notes

1. You cannot hold the ball along your back line for more than 3 minutes.
2. No Custom Formations, meaning no user created formations or formations unavailable to that specific team.
3. Penalty Kick=Restart. If a match goes to penalty kicks you replay the match.

Sorry! This tournament is already in progress.

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